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Web Solutions

We offer competitive design and development services and support at very affordable cost. From minor touchups to major website design, software development, and support efforts, we make every step of the way as easy as possible. We find out exactly what your goals and purposes are and help you bring them to fruition. We are a customer and service oriented company and work closely with our clients before, during, and after the completion of the project to ensure continued operation and quality of our work.

  • Software Development
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Custom Application Development
  • Web Portal Development
At Spark, we believe IT consulting is all about assessing technologies from a myriad of options and selecting solutions which will best meet business objectives and ensure long term value. Our solutions help you organize business and technology strategies - cost effectively.

We offer custom software development based on your growing needs. The software that we provide will be able to take care of all your current and most of your future needs. But based on your experience in handling your business online, you may want certain custom features which could be unique to your organization. We will be able to easily provide you that, as a custom software development company establishing rapidly, where we will be able to meet any kind of software / system challenge you may face in the future.

With Spark's expertise in numerous Programming Language like php, .net and XML web services, your business will operate in a world where time and distance no longer separate employees, customers, partners, or operations. Utilize the power of software connectivity to optimize your internal and external connection. We enable systems in different companies to interact with each other between suppliers, customers, marketing alliances and for companies looking for the prospect of integrating their business processes.
Increase your selling power! It's no longer enough to simply place your products on-line! We can help you use the full potential of the Internet to expand your market share and visibility. Dozens of clients have come to trust our extensive expertise in the field of eCommerce application software solutions.

Whether you already sell products online or are about to start doing so, Spark can help you assess your needs and plan the necessary steps to transform your web site into an e-Success story. Dozens of clients have come to trust our ecommerce solutions and achieved unprecedented growth and returns. We understand that your web site needs to be seen and your voice needs to be heard on the Internet.

E-Commerce Development Includes
  • Site Design and Development
  • Content Management
  • Backend Integration
  • Analytics (Measure, Analyze, Optimize)
  • Operations Management (Customer Service, Tech Support)
  • Programming
Spark develops Web applications that provide our clients with efficiencies. Whether they be automating transactions, collecting data, or providing reports, it is imperative that your Web site provides you with savings in the daily cost of doing business. Illume Creative Studiowill see to it that your business becomes completely efficient in today's ever changing market.

ISpark is a company that creates designs and develops technology to deliver measurable results with direct impact on your bottom line. After a FREE analysis of your unique needs and operations, we employ the right tools to drive your Return On Investment (ROI) higher.

What our application can do for you:
  • Reduce infrastructure costs
  • Eliminate travel expenses
  • Improve time to market
  • Provide you with reliable and secure communications
  • Flexibility of operations
You can seek our consultancy service to develop a Portal and reach out to the world. We would be glad to offer you our services for:
  • Concept development for the portal
  • Navigation and flow development
  • Information placement and arrangement
  • Developing Gluing strategies
  • Developing service delivery strategies
  • Developing information strategy for your portal
  • Evolving the Data flow and data utilization strategies for your portal
  • Aesthetics and design of the portal
  • Programming and development for the portal
  • Hosting and maintaining the software

Our Open Source Expertise