We cherish your ideas
And tell you what we have too
Value Distinction
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Unique service model

Your idea might be pretty juvenile or you might have been brewing it for a while…why not drive down to a coffee house and talk over?? If it’s about your idea to be treasured, we have all the patience and enthusiasm to listen, interact, learn and respond. We get on to consultant’s shoes, assuming possibilities with a clear objective arriving to an effective action plan. We will take you through a virtual experience of creativity & web world and let you explore every aspect of how your project could be planned with proactive timelines. For a change, you will find a web solutions company driven by branding professionals. We firmly believe that your objective of creating a website or a portal should be only to enhance your business possibilities and we will hang around to see that happen.

By now we must have moved on to fix your final idea after the ‘consult’ phase of our approach. ‘Capture’ is all about exploring and analyzing facts, stats and news on what is happening around. Research would be initiated to understand your business better as we gather relevant information online. After exchanging ideas with your leadership team, we will arrive to design the right set of concepts and technology applications to be incorporated in the website. We shall also exchange a comprehensive project schedule and create personalized applications for client interaction. By the end of this phase, we would agree upon the project specifics, delivery model and engagement mechanisms including timelines. And…we will tell you to relax till we reach the first milestone!!

The designers and developers who have been the silent spectators will jump into action now. Of course, they have been contributing in shaping up the idea during the brainstorming phases and now they know what exactly your business wants. Great deal of creativity and technology sophistication is what you can expect from ‘Create’. We use every feature that may be applauded by your customers in the market. If creativity is God’s gift, our team has been embracing it. Spark is simply the meeting point of creative and technology professionals who created enterprises…they are chasing their passion now. ‘Create’ has a definite time frame and quality is what we always promise. You may be rest assured that we have exclusive teams for designing, development, content research & SEO and we don’t keep knocking doors to further outsource your projects.

Cervice is the service definition of Spark Brands. We want to deliberate the idea of 24x7…something tells us that in this business 24x7 is a desperate lie and costs the client’s time and resources. What we see in the market is projects left unfinished as those conventional designing teams feel that giving you a business feature is good to make money. We would always stay ahead in transparently communicating the intricacies of the project to our clients. After in-depth study of the prospects and priorities, we have invented the concept of Exclusive Service Windows which would ensure the client is clear about the service model we provide including the timeframe to respond to queries during the project cycle. We want to deliver business solutions with an absolute sense of accountability as we talk to the clients only in terms of outcome. Our service model which lets us walk an extra mile for our clients is our key value distinction.